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Within the Settings, you can edit the HTTP server port, enable HTTP Authentication, or toggle on the flashlight.

Recording will also continue regardless if the device is locked.

Just click the green Connect button to be connected with the board-certified doctor of your choice.

If that doctor is seeing another patient, you’ll have the option of going to an online waiting room or choosing another doctor who is available at that moment. It depends on whether or not you set up an account.

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If you are the host, enter the host PIN followed by pound (#). Dial in as the host (call your dial-in number and enter the access code followed by pound (#), then press star (*) and enter the host PIN when prompted). To stop and save the recording, press *9 again and 1 to confirm. Go to your Meeting Wall and click Web Controls at the top of the page. Free Conference video conferencing supports up to five simultaneous video feeds.

Watch Video Note: Download the Free Conference Google Gadget™ or Outlook® Plug-in to embed your conference call information in your calendar invitations. The primary video feed always displays the active speaker, and up to five feeds appear in the sidebar.

While useful, this app required you to schedule when to record in advance, resulting in you possibly missing the footage you intended to record (assuming your scheduling wasn't as on-point as you wished).Notify participants of the date and time of the conference call and provide the dial-in number and access code. Note: Vo IP and video are not supported through Web Viewer when using Internet Explorer or Safari. From the Meeting Wall, click Web Controls, select a participant from the Attendee List and click Mute.At the scheduled time, everyone calls the dial-in number and enters the access code followed by pound (#). During a live conference call, log in to your account. From the Meeting Dashboard, hover over the participant’s name on the Attendee List and select Mute.Every account comes with a primary dial-in number and access code.Your access code is unique to your account and can be used at any time you wish to start a conference on demand or schedule a conference.

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