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All bottles made before the turn of the century are partly or completely hand blown and formed.

This is essentially a simple citrus clean floral woodsy musk, soapy, green, fresh and no nonsense. Smells of lemon with even parts of mandarin and bergamot and some pineapple and papaya. When dry it reveals musk, sandalwood, cedar wood and amber. I only feel the unisex/feminine connection with the citrus and floral touches but the dry down is masculine.

In 1976, Steven Spurrier, a sommelier in Paris, comes to the Napa Valley to take the best he can find to Paris for a blind taste test against French wine.

He meets Jim Barrett, whose Chateau Montelena is mortgaged to the hilt as Jim perfects his chardonnay.

There are twelve important factors that determine the value of any antique bottle.

Any one of these factors is frequently not sufficient in and of itself to make a bottle valuable.

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