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Now, late in the model’s life, Hyundai has taken the 201-hp Turbo and crafted the Rally Edition to mine its rally-racing participation for some added spice.In this case, we’re tempted to describe the Rally Edition not as a stand-in for a high-performance rally car, but rather literally, as a rally car.The key: You not only answer a bunch of multiple-choice questions about your lifestyle and preferences to create your own profile, but get to choose which answers you want to see in your potential matches, as well as how important each of those answers is.Of the four online dating sites we tested in-depth, OKCupid is the only one to base its matching algorithms off such robust parameters.

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There’s also a boost feature, which is supposed to ensure your profile gets seen by more users.

Saved by his friends and family of resistance fighters, B. recovers and the team set out to foment revolution in the United States of America. Pistols, machine guns, laser guns, shotguns and explosives all feature, alongside quieter weapons like an axe.

to sneak and fight through the ruined cities and military complexes of the Nazi Empire.

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